Caring for your Jewellery

As Ellen Catherine is all handmade we ask you take particular care in looking after jewellery and follow these rules to keep it shiny for longer.  

Jewellery should always be the last item on and the first off. 
Avoid spraying hairspray and perfumes on or near, as this tarnishes the jewellery. This is especially important for gold plated items. 
Avoid wearing your jewellery in shower or bath! 
Polish the jewellery with a soft cloth. If you need to wash it do it with a wee bit fo fairy liquid and warm water. 

If the jewellery is really tarnished try the bicarb of soda trick! Make a little dish out of aluminium foil and put in a bowl. Add the jewellery and half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Pour boiled water onto in and watch as the jewellery gets cleaned through the chemical reaction. This only works for non plated silver and gold. You might find you need to do the trick several times in the tarnish is super deep. 

The Bicarbonate of soda in the bowl, with the tarnished jewellery alongside.

The bicarbonate of soda in the tin foil bowl alongside the tarnished jewellery. 

Immediately adding the boiling water.

The reaction after adding the boiling water.

The reaction fading away and you and start to see the jewellery.  

Almost finished! 

A quick polish with a soft cloth and the jewellery is back to its sparkling condition.