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Which metal? 

I'd always recommend matching the metal of your two bands together. This is because some metals are harder than others and can rub against the softer band damaging it. However you can match the carat, so if you have a 9ct yellow gold band, you could get a 9ct white or rose gold band to sit alongside it. 

18ct is more expensive than 9ct, simply because it has twice the gold metal in. This also make the metal softer so think carefully whether you might damage the your ring if you work with your hands.

The more gold in yellow gold the warmer the yellow is as it has less copper in it. White gold has a nice warm grey colour as is alloy is mixed with palladium and silver. Most high street store will have plated white gold rings with rhodium plating which gives it a bright white finish. It will wear and needs to be replated every year at a cost of £35.00. If you'd like rhodium plating on your white gold ring it will be included in the price.  

Rose gold has a higher level of copper in the alloy which gives it a warm rosy colour and is one of my favourites. 

Platinum is the hardest of the metals I use and has a cool grey colour. It requires different tools to solder, so I tend to make a model in silver and get it cast in platinum. The technique takes longer but it does mean you have a little sample to try before your buy!

 Diamonds and Gemstones

We only source ethical diamonds. There are lots of shapes and sizes and they vary in price. If you are looking to buy for an engagement its best to do some research into what stone style they like. 

That being said, not every one wants a diamond and there are lots of other alternatives. Morganites, sapphires or rubies all make amazing options. It is crucial for you to have as much information so that the jewellery is well received! 


Please see out Sizing page for more information.  


Engraving can be added to your piece of jewellery at a cost depending on how much or little you want to add. Starting price is £15.00.